Monday, November 21, 2011

Lots of Reading but Not Much Writing

Well, today I finished reading my copy of "Look Me In The Eye" and bought 'How to Write Ebooks for a Living. I even began to read the last one, and noticed that beside it in my Kindle for PC app was "Wife No. 19 that I started months ago and never finished reading. So I am going to alternate the two until I get both of them read. I am a long way into Wife No. 19 so I should set aside some time to finish it. I have other books to read some in ebook and others in traditional form. I had a reason for having all of them and I will finish them.

The books I was reading were for article ideas and my own information but those articles take longer to write since the only time I have to read is in therapy. At least for traditional books, other than that I'll be attempting to write other articles to earn my living. I seem to have a break although unplanned from private clients at the moment so I am taking advantage of it to write things that I want to write. I am not in a hurry this week. I am simply gathering strength to get through the holidays.

This week will be a short one as far as school and appointments go so I am going to be reading and working as much as I can in order to do what I planned to do this year next year. Oh well, it's time to get back to work. I'll be back later to tell you how well my plans for the new year are going. Hopefully they'll go better than this last year did.

Anyway, I'll be back later.

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