Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dim at the Moment

My financial future would look rather dim at the moment considering I do not have a computer at home which means my ability to work is limited. I have a well that is in need of repair or replacement not sure yet. It has been touchy for months and now it is either coming apart or it pumps up sand. We should know by this afternoon although at the moment it is not pumping. My main goal at the moment is to have running water and get back to work on a regular basis. This two hours here and there at the local library is not cutting it in the least. By the time I get what I need my session is over. I am typing as fast as I can and it is not fast enough.

My television set went to the pawnshop this week so my four year old could go to the local Peanut Festival on special citizens day and be a typical kid for a few hours. It is the little things like that which bother me the most. She should not be deprived because we are broke. I need to get back to work it has been two weeks since my computer tore up and no one seems to understand that without it I am unemployed and may not make it through the month.

I did set some goals however. I need $50 to reopen my savings account and I also need my t.v. out of hawk. The opening of the savings account comes with goals to put at least six months of expenses and the amount required to buy a replacement for my computer in the event this happens in the future. That way I simply go replace my main source of income and do not have to ask anyone for anything. I have decided to work on some books in my spare time provided I ever get spare time again. Well, I have to check and make sure I am still in the market to earn a living so I have to be going.

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