Friday, February 18, 2011

Out of Ideas

I'm running out of ideas. Nothing seems to be unique anymore, original content yes, unique content no. I've done short and sweet news as fast as I can which isn't very fast chasing a four year old. Then there are the editorials, diary pages and articles that are submitted for upfront payment just to see if they will get one before I submit them. Lately it's a hit and a miss on which ones I should wait out and which ones I should go ahead and submit.

Tomorrow I have to mail my other half's check stub as proof of income, the state tax return and a child support payment. We get an entire $18 back from the state this year, last year we broke even. At the rate gas prices are going up I'll be able to buy a gallon with it by the time it gets here. My other half's car has a digital gas gauge that I'm beginning to hate  dislike because it goes crazy from time to time. The only time I'm sure how much gas is in the car is when I first fill up and when the low fuel light comes on.

I need to write but I keep stopping and trying to clean up this and that. The last time everything was in its place at one time was before we moved in and everything was in boxes. At the moment there are a number of boxes by my front door full of clothes that the little one has outgrown to give to charity since my mother-in-law isn't coming to get them it would seem.

OK I've lost my train of thought and I need to put a hyper child to bed. Goodnight world.

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